Refund Policy

Customers requesting a refund, for whatever reason, should apply for a refund by sending an email to outlining the reasons for which the refund is requested.

Requests for refunds should not be made to the bank through which the bank deposit or transfer was made.

Customers requesting a refund should provide in the email details of the account to which the refund should be made – BSB No., Account No. and Account name.

In accordance with our policy of complete customer satisfaction, the Accounts Manager will consider all requests for refunds in a fair and sympathetic manner.

If the issue which the customer has requested to be resolved has not been resolved, the customer should notify Absolutetech, and a technician will work on the computer to rectify the problem. If the technician is unable to rectify the problem any money he/she has paid for that service will be refunded.

If the problem re-occurs within 30 days and the customer has not downloaded any material which has caused the problem to re-occur, the customer is entitled to a refund of any moneys paid for that service.

If the work the customer has requested cannot be completed because of poor internet connection, then the customer will be entitled to a refund or any moneys paid for that work.

If a customer has requested any software from another company be installed and such installation has occurred, a refund of the moneys for that component paid cannot be given.

If some issues have been resolved and others not, then the customer is entitled to a partial refund for those issues not resolved.

If the customer commissions another person/company to work on the device before requesting a refund, a refund will not be granted.

If a customer can prove that Absolutetech technician has acted inappropriately or unethically in the process of servicing their device, then the customer will be entitled to a full.